How to refer to external data from a form

When creating a form, it can be beneficial to retrieve data that is not normally accessible from within a form. Form field data resolvers are used to access this data. These expose prefixes that are used when the form is prefilled by Valtimo (e.g. when a form is displayed as part of a user task).

Below is an example of how to access external data using a form field data resolver. This assumes a data resolver which responds to the example prefix exists. This assumes there is some kind of connection between the form and a document (e.g. this form is linked to a user task).

    "display": "form",

    "components": [
            "label": "firstName",
            "key": "example.firstName",
            "type": "textfield",
            "input": true,
            "validate": {
                "maxLength": 32,
                "unique": false,
                "multiple": false

Information on how to create custom form field data resolvers can be found here.

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