Valtimo frontend libraries

New Features

The following features were added:

  • Trigger search when hitting Enter key

    When one of the search fields has been filled in and I press 'Enter', the search is executed

  • Added process key to process started and ended audit events

    Process started and process ended events in the audit trail now show the associated process name.

  • Link to change password page

    A password reset link is shown in the 'account' tab in the right sidebar.

  • Added Portaaltaak plugin

    Portaaltaak plugin module is added to @valtimo/plugin which supports plugin configuration.

  • Added Duplicate button to Forms

    A button has been added to duplicate the form that is currently being edited

  • Business logic for fieldtype/datatype/searchtype combinations

    On the case-management page the "Match" field is hidden and is only shown for fields of data type text, any other field uses "Exact". The range option is not available for fields of data type "Yes / no" in case-management. If a number field has the value '0', the search form can be submitted in the cases page.

  • Add ability to override feedback menu item to trigger a mailTo

    The menu item feedback in the right sidebar is currently linked to An environment property overrideFeedbackMenuItemToMailTo is added to be able to override the default and use mailTo instead. The subject and the body of this email are set in the translation files to support multiple languages.

    An example of a full configuration:

      email: '',
      subjectTranslationKey: 'subject',
      bodyTranslationKey: 'body'
  • Resizable Carbon sidenav

    The sidenav included in the Carbon design system does not include resize functionality. This functionality is now included by default on desktop resolutions. The default, minimum, and maximum sizes of the sidenav can be configured under the customLeftSidebar property in the environment file(s). The size is saved in the local storage, so the user preference will be retained on refresh.

  • Improved styling of Beagle/Bootstrap elements

    The Carbon design system resets styling and replaces it with its own. This broke the look and feel of various elements throughout the product, including Form.IO forms. The compatibility between Carbon and Beagle/Bootstrap has been improved in this release.

  • Added new Portaaltaak plugin

    This plugin makes it possible for valtimo to manage tasks in the Objecten API.

  • Added dropdown list to case search

    It is now possible to use a multiselect dropdown or a single select dropdown when searching to cases. This can be configured in the admin menu. More information here.


The following bugs were fixed:

  • Unable to switch process versions on 'Process links' page

    Fixed an issue where the process diagram didn't update after selecting the process version on the process links page.

  • Added role support to sidenav

    After migrating to the Carbon design system in major 10, adding menu items based on the roles of the logged-in user was accidentally removed. This feature has been added again. A logged-in user will only see the menu items which they can access with their roles.

  • Continue case search after error

    When searching for cases led to an HTTP error on the case list page, search after this would not be executed. This has been fixed. Errors are handled gracefully and subsequent valid search are executed.

Breaking changes

No breaking changes.


No new deprecations.

Known issues

No new known issues.

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