Valtimo frontend libraries (5.10.0)

New Features

The following features were added:

  • Sorted processes in progress tab

    The processes that are displayed in the progress tab are now sorted with active processes first.

  • System processes Processes can now be marked as a system process. System processes are processes that are critical to the functioning of Valtimo itself. When a process is marked as a system process it will be shown in the list of processes and when viewing a process. If the process is also marked as read-only it will not be editable from the frontend.

    More information about this feature can be found here.

  • Added environment property to set the supported filetypes for uploading a file

    A new property caseFileUploadAcceptedFiles can be used in the environment file to whitelist the supported filetypes when trying to upload a file in the documents tab.

    The way to use this is to create a comma separated list of mime types or file extensions.

    Eg.: image/*,application/pdf,.psd

  • New documents tab for Documenten API uploads

    If uploadProvider is set to UploadProvider.DOCUMENTEN_API in the environment, a new documents tab is shown. This tab only allows one file upload at a time. On selecting a file, a modal opens with a form to input metadata for the Documenten API. For more information on how to configure Documenten API uploads, refer to this page.

  • Link upload process to a case on case management page

    If uploadProvider is set to UploadProvider.DOCUMENTEN_API in the environment, the upload process that is used for uploading files can be set on the admin page of a case definition.

  • New datepicker component

    Added a new date picker component to @valtimo/user-interface: v-date-picker. It is based on flatpickr. When using this component, see the migration notes on how to upgrade.

  • Added new plugin actions to Documenten API and Zaken API plugin

    New actions have been added to the Documenten API and Zaken API plugins: Link uploaded document to zaak and Save uploaded document respectively. After these plugin actions have been selected, the user does not have to input any configuration data.

    For more information on these new plugin actions refer to this page for the Documenten API and this page for the Zaken API.

  • Set file extensions that open directly in the browser

    You can now add a new environment property supportedDocumentFileTypesToViewInBrowser to declare which files are opened in the browser. All the files that are not included will not open in the browser but instead will be directly downloaded.

  • The style of the button in the v-prompt in @valtimo/user-interface can now be set

    The v-prompt in @valtimo/user-interface can now include a ButtonType value for both the cancel and confirm button.


The following bugs were fixed:

  • Documents from the document can not be viewed in a new tab in Firefox

    Everytime you would open a file on Firefox you would be redirected to the Dashboard page and you would not be able to see or download the file. A global fix is applied to open a file correctly and if it fails for some reason it will be downloaded automatically.

  • BodyText of the v-prompt in @valtimo/user-interface can now be set properly

    The v-prompt in @valtimo/user-interface was always showing the bodyText of the keycloak refresh token prompt.

  • Button styling is not set in the v-button in @valtimo/user-interface

    The v-button in @valtimo/user-interface was not able to handle async values since it was not listening to any changes.

Breaking changes

No breaking changes.


No new deprecations.

Known issues

This version has the following known issues:

  • Experimental DMN editing

    • Editing only works for DRM file with a single DRM table. If multiple tables exist, the overview list of decision tables shows multiple entries.

    • It is not possible to create a new DMN table from scratch from the ui.

    • It is not possible to edit the key of a DMN table.

  • Missing flatpickr dependency

    In the front-end libraries version 5.10.0, a new datepicker component has been added to @valtimo/user-interface. This component has a dependency on flatpickr, however, this was not included in the dependencies of @valtimo/user-interface. This dependency has been added in Valtimo frontend libraries 5.12.0.

    To fix this for now, add the latest version of flatpickr to the dependencies of the implementation by running npm install flatpickr. Also see the migration notes on this topic.

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