Valtimo frontend libraries

New Features

The following features were added:

  • Added option for custom process variable name to download document plugin action in documentAPI

    Added option for custom process variable name to download document plugin action in documentAPI so you have the option to choose a custom process variable name. When left empty the default name is: "resourceId"

  • Export case definitions

    On the case admin detail page, export functionality is now available in the top right corner. This exports the case definition and its related configurations.

  • Switch document definition versions

    On the case admin detail page, a dropdown is now shown, which allows the user to switch the document definition version currently displayed. The selected version affects the version that is exported when the export button is clicked, and the version of the document definition that is downloaded when the download button is clicked.

  • Display document definition in Monaco editor

    The document definition displayed on the admin case detail page is now displayed using the Monaco editor in read-only mode.

  • Edit plugin configuration ID

    The plugin configuration ID can now be edited in the plugin configuration management screens.

  • Prefilling forms with data from the Zaken API

    Formio forms can now be prefilled with data from the Zaken API. See this page for more information.

  • Show process version on progress tab

    The version of the process is now visible on the 'Progress' tab of a case.

  • Updates to the Carbon look and feel

    The following components have been updated to the Carbon library:

    • Case Definition Search Fields tab

    • Case Definition List tab

    • Plugin list

  • Processes Tab

    The Connected Processes list has been moved and migrated to the ValtimoCarbonList from the Configuration tab and has been added to a new Processes of its own.

  • Connected processes to a Document Definition Version

    Now a process can be connected to a specific version of a Case Definition.

  • Configure Content Security Policy (CSP) from environment

    In order to make the client more secure, the option has been added to configure CSP headers from the environment file. Please refer to this page for information on how to configure your CSP.

  • Added feature toggle useStartEventNameAsStartFormTitle

    Now you can set this feature toggle to show BPMN start event names as title of start forms instead of the standard Start - ${process-name} format.

  • Import document definition

    Now you can import an exported document definition.

  • Carbon List improvements

    A few updates have been added to the CarbonList:

    • Moving arrows can now be added via a flag

    • Context menu actions are now configurable through an @Input field

    • Column headers can now be hidden

    • Rows don't have a pointer cursor unless they are clickable

    • Pagination can be hidden now

    For more details on the list see Valtimo Carbon List


The following bugs were fixed:

  • Clear Form.IO token on logout

    To make Form.IO work correctly, a token is saved in the browser's local storage under the key formioToken. This local storage entry is now cleared on closing the Form.IO component and on closing the browser.

  • No null while loading menu items

    Previously, while menu items in the left sidebar were loading, they would show null. This issue has been resolved.

  • Added permission check on 'Go to case' link

    A permission check has been added so that the 'Go to case' link inside the task list no longer result in an unauthorized-error.

  • Added permission check on case-list

    Permission checks have been added to the case-list to avoid an unauthorized-error when clicking on a case.

  • Added permission check on 'Create New Case' button

    A permission check has been added to the 'Create New Case' button, so that it can no longer result in an unauthorized-error.

  • Send along timezone offset with every HTTP request

    All HTTP request sent from the client now include a X-Timezone-Offset header, which contains the user's timezone offset (compared to UTC). The back-end libraries now use this offset to return the correct results when searching cases by date.

  • Slow loading of notes

    The loading of the case notes could take a long time depending on the access control settings. This has been solved.

  • Form.IO calendar component

    When having two or more calendar components in a Form.IO form, and having a language other than English selected in the application, only one calendar component could be expanded. Now calendar components correctly take into account the currently selected locale.

  • Add note button not clickable on small windows

    The Add note button is now clickable even when resizing the window to a smaller size.

  • Carbon components overlays

    Carbon components backdrops now don't overlap anymore.

Breaking changes

No breaking changes.


No deprecations.

Known issues

No known issues.

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