Object management


Object management configurations can be autodeployed by creating json files in the classpath*:config/objectmanagement/ folder. The name of the file does not matter, but it is advised to keep it in line with the object title.

You can find an example of the JSON below:

  "id": "c944484a-597a-483f-b647-df3bb5b57f5f",
  "title": "Example",
  "objecttypenApiPluginConfigurationId": "73d181c5-2ead-421c-a5f2-bb7bd455e922",
  "objecttypeId": "0d2d0620-c0f0-43cd-99f8-5156ab15d219",
  "objectenApiPluginConfigurationId": "a13d5023-1a13-4942-9014-33b46104fb5e",
  "showInDataMenu": false,
  "formDefinitionView": "example-view-form",
  "formDefinitionEdit": "example-edit-form"

formDefinitionView and formDefinitionEdit specify the names of the forms to use for respectively viewing or editing the object. It is case-insensitive.

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