Setting extra tabs for Zaak object type

On the details page of a case instance, several tabs are shown. It is possible to display a tab per object type, so the user can see all relevant data in a separate tab.

These tabs can be customized via front-end implementation code.

Configuring the tabs in the environment file

To customize which tabs are shown, open environment.ts in the implementation's src/environment folder. Here, the caseObjectTypes object is defined. It can provide a list of definition names, that contain one or more objects names of types of type string, that will be converted into new tabs to be displayed.

Configuration is optional (see example below).


export const environment: ValtimoConfig = { ...
  caseObjectTypes: {
    'leningen': ['Boom', 'Straatverlichting'],
    'generieke-zaak': ['Boom', 'Monument'], 

Per configured Zaakobjecttype, a separate new tab will show at the case detail page, with a list of objects of the configured object type. This list will be populated with the following data: index, registration at, title and a 'view object' button to display the task details.

By clicking on the button, a modal will be opened on the right side of the page showing a read only form containing the object data. The form that is used needs to be configured. If the form is not configured, a message will be displayed stating that the data was not found.

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