The Exchange is an umbrella term to refer to blueprints and building blocks, which can be used to speed up development.

Process blueprints

Process blueprints are generic processes that can be used to cover a certain type of scenario. For example, a process that deals with City Pass applications. This is a process that in broad strokes is the same for a lot of municipalities. Redeveloping such a process for every municipality would take a lot of time, so this process blueprint can be copied and customized to fit the needs of that particular municipality. Information on how to use process blueprints or how to contribute to the repository can be found here.

Building blocks

Building blocks, unlike blueprints, are smaller in scope and do not contain a process. These can be code snippets or other reusable parts that can be shared between different projects. For example, a plugin that allows sending messages to Slack. This can then be used by an implementation to remind people on Slack there is an outstanding task. It can also be used by another implementation to notify an administrator when an external API is unavailable. Information on how to use building blocks or how to contribute to the repository can be found here.

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