Valtimo backend libraries

New Features

The following features were added:

  • Added Portaaltaak plugin

    This plugin makes it possible for Valtimo to communicate and interact with a Portaaltaak specification compliant ZGW component.

  • Valtimo dependencies

    Two new modules have been introduced to help with managing dependencies. These are Valtimo dependencies and Valtimo GZAC dependencies. Including these dependencies in a project will automatically include the core modules for that edition of Valtimo, which also improves the experience when upgrading Valtimo to a new version.

  • Process beans

    For documentation on Spring beans, see the Spring documentation here.

    By default, all beans are available for use within a BPMN, e.g. to send and email. By setting the valtimo.camunda.bean-whitelisting = true property in the application.yml, only whitelisted beans are available. Beans can be whitelisted by defining them with the @ProcessBean annotation.

  • Plugin Events It is now possible to have plugin methods run whenever a plugin configuration created, updated or deleted. More information on this feature can be found here.

  • Improved Notificaties API plugin The following improvements have been made to this plugin:

    • An additional input is required when configuring the plugin: callbackUrl. This is required by Notificaties API to know where to send notification requests.

    • Plugin Events have been implemented so that a Notificaties API subscription is made, updated or removed when the corresponding interaction is done with the Plugin.


The following bugs were fixed:

  • Fixed Notificaties API response mapping

    The response from OpenNotificaties when creating a subscription is missing a required property. This was causing a Runtime Exception while mapping the response.

  • Fixed NullPointerException on startup

    Changing a process definition could cause a NullPointerException on startup when migrating the process links. This resulted in a failed start of the application.

Breaking changes

The following breaking changes were introduced:

  • Changed Notificaties API Abonnement Link database table column A Liquibase changeset was added to modify the column name.


No new deprecations.

Known issues

No new known issues.

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