Assigning a user to a document

Document assignees are users that have been put on a specific document. This is usually done when they are responsible for the next user task(s) and to tell other users they will work on the document. This page will describe how a user can be set as the assignee of a document.


This page requires the following:

  • The case definition is configured to allow for cases to be assigned to users.

  • The user must have the correct role to access case types.

  • This is the case when the case type is visible in the Cases menu.

How to configure cases to be assignable

On the case management page, a setting can be changed to indicate that cases of that type can have an assignee. This can be done by toggling the 'Case assignee' checkbox to enable assigning cases.

Assigning using the user interface

In the menu Cases a case type must be selected and then a specific case must be opened. On this page a Claim button is visible on the right side of the page. When the current user is not yet assigned to a document this button will be enabled. Pressing this button will assign the document to the user pressing the button.

Assigning using a process

It is possible to assign a user to the current process by creating a service task and add the following expression:

${documentDelegate.setAssignee(execution, "email address of user")}

When this service task is reached the assignee will be set.

Seeing the currently assigned users

When a user has been assigned using the claim button or a process, there are multiple ways this is presented. It is shown on the case detail page just below the title of the page. Here it will show a label Assigned to <user name>.

Every time an assignee is changed this is also logged in the audit log. The log will show who changed the assignee and who the new assignee is.

When a custom case column has been added with the propertyName assigneeFullName the current assignee will be shown on the table showing all current cases of a certain type.

This page describes how custom case columns can be added.

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