This page describes how to update Valtimo from the previous to this version.

  • FormFieldDataResolver supports method

    Scope: backend

    A new supports method supports(String externalFormFieldType) replaces the already existing supports(ExternalFormFieldType externalFormFieldType) method for the FormFieldDataResolver interface.

    1. Replace uses of old method with new method

      If the old method was used, the new method can be used by converting the existing argument to a string.

    2. Implement new supports method

      For classes implementing the FormFieldDataResolver interface, the new method should be implemented.

  • Changed ExternalDataSubmittedEvent data field type

    Scope: backend

    The data field for the ExternalDataSubmittedEvent has changed from Map<ExternalFormFieldType, Map<String, Object>> to Map<String, Map<String, Object>>.

    1. Replace use of the old Map to the new type

      if an ExternalDataSubmittedEvent is created, the Map should now be created with the .toString() method on the ExternalFormFieldType.

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