Creating case settings

There are settings that can be set on a case definition level (e.g. whether a case can be assigned). These settings are using throughout the application to change functionality for that case definition. There is no difference between a case definition and a document definition in Valtimo currently.

Creating a case settings configuration file

Case settings can be loaded automatically when creating a case by reading a configuration file. This file will only be used when creating a case definition to avoid overriding user configuration.

A file should be created on the classpath in the /config/case/definition folder. The filename should de the name of the document definition and use the json file extension. So if there is a document definition with the name loans then the json file should be named loans.json.

    "canHaveAssignee": true,
    "autoAssignTasks": true

autoAssignTasks can only be set to true when canHaveAssignee is true.

Any value not present in the json file will not be loaded and will instead use the default value (false). Auto-deployed case configuration settings are validated against unsupported properties or invalid values.

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