Customizing case details tabs

Warning: There is a new preferred way to configure case tabs. Link.

Customizing case details tabs (deprecated)

On the detail page of a case instance, a number of tabs are shown. These tabs - and their order - can be customized through the frontend code of an implementation.

Modifying the tabs in the app module

To customize which tabs are shown, and in what order, open app.module.ts in the src folder of the implementation. Here, a function tabsFactory() is defined. It provides a Map with tab IDs of type string and the corresponding Angular component the tab needs to show. To customize the tabs shown for each case in the implementation, modify the existing tabs provided by tabsFactory(), or add your own.


import {
} from '@valtimo/dossier';
// import the component used for the custom tab
import {MyCustomTabComponent} from './my-custom-tab.component.ts';

export function tabsFactory() {
    return new Map<string, object>([
        [DefaultTabs.summary, DossierDetailTabSummaryComponent],
        [DefaultTabs.progress, DossierDetailTabProgressComponent],
        [DefaultTabs.audit, DossierDetailTabAuditComponent],
        [DefaultTabs.documents, DossierDetailTabDocumentsComponent],
        // add the custom tab component with a string id to the tabsFactory()
        ['my-custom-tab', MyCustomTabComponent],

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