OpenZaak plugin

The OpenZaak plugin is used to provide authentication for ZGW (Zaakgericht Werken) plugins that connect to APIs that are supported in OpenZaak. Currently, the plugins that this plugin can provide authentication for are the following:


This page requires knowledge on how to configure OpenZaak

Configuring the plugin

A plugin configuration is required before the plugin can be used. A general description on how to configure plugins can be found here.

If the OpenZaak plugin is not visible in the plugin menu, it is possible the application is missing a dependency. Instructions on how to add the OpenZaak dependency can be found here.

To configure this plugin the following properties have to be entered:

  • Client ID (clientId). The client ID as configured for the 'applicatie' in OpenZaak

  • Secret (clientSecret). The secret as configured for the 'applicatie' in OpenZaak

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