This page describes how to update Valtimo from the previous version to the current.

  • FormFieldDataResolver get method is deprecated

    Scope: backend

    1. Implement the new get method

      Add method get(DataResolvingContext dataResolvingContext, String... varNames) to your class and move the logic from the deprecated get to this new method. The parameters String documentDefinitionName and UUID documentId are moved to the DataResolvingContext object.

  • New datepicker component flatpickr

    Scope: frontend

    If this component is included anywhere in an implementation:

    1. Install flatpickr dependency

      Run npm install flatpickr to install the dependency.

      When upgrading to Valtimo frontend libraries 5.12.0 this is no longer necessary as the dependency is included in the libraries.

    2. Add style to angular.json

      Add "node_modules/flatpickr/dist/flatpickr.css" to the styles array in angular.json to avoid issues.

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