First dive into Valtimo

General information

The Valtimo platform consists of multiple services/containers. Depending on the edition (Valtimo or GZAC), a specific set of containers can be used for supporting a quick start-up. For both editions, a Docker Compose repository is available. These repositories include a guide on which Compose file(s) to use and how to use them.

Supporting services

Both editions of Valtimo require a Keycloak instance for Identity and Access Management. The Valtimo backend application requires a database container. Both PostgreSQL and MySQL are supported.

Application services

Valtimo consists of a frontend (Angular) and a backend (Java/Kotlin) application. Both services have their own Github repository with instructions on how the service can be started.

Start up strategies

The Valtimo platform can be started in two ways:

Start as Docker containers

When starting the Valtimo platform as Docker containers, all supporting services and the two Valtimo services are started up with a Docker Compose file. Instructions on how to start Valtimo as Docker containers can be found here.

Starting your own Valtimo implementation

When starting your own Valtimo implementation, the supporting services are started up with a Docker Compose file. The two Vatlimo services are started up from their respective Git repositories using a command line interface (CLI) or integrated development environment (IDE). Instructions on how to start your own Valtimo implementation can be found here.

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