Valtimo frontend libraries

New Features

The following features were added:

  • Improved support for plugin auto-deployment properties placeholders

    A plugin configuration auto-deployment file now supports:

    • Placeholders that refer to Java system properties.

    • Placeholders inside nested properties.

    • Multiple placeholders in a single field.

  • Added PendingChanges guard and modal to prevent losing unsaved changes

    Implemented a mechanism for checking wether or not any changes have been made to the current page. If any navigation occurs on these pages, a modal will pop up asking for confirmation in case any unsaved changes exist.

    Instructions on how to set this up can be found here.

  • Case tabs

    Custom case tabs can now be managed from within the application. This can be used after enabling the feature toggle enableTabManagement.

    Instructions on how to set this up can be found here.


The following bugs were fixed:

  • Remove hardcoded app configuration

    Previously the app configuration supplied to contained a hardcoded URL to the development environment. This has been corrected. The instance running in Valtimo now uses the URL and the API URL of the environment it is running in.

  • Data is lost when accidentally navigating back when editing a form

    When editing a form and navigating to a different page, a modal pops up asking for confirmation.

  • FormIO token refreshes only once

    When using the valtimo-form-io component from @valtimo/components, the local storage property formioToken gets updated every time the token refreshes after expiring.

  • Task list loading

    The task list on a case detail page would show a spinner indefinitely when all tasks were completed.

Breaking changes

No breaking changes.


No deprecations.

Known issues

  • Incomplete export of permissions for a specific role

    • Discovered in version 11.0.0

    • Download the export from the access control list page instead.

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