Job service

This service is process bean that provides a way to manipulate jobs within the current process.

Changing Timer event date

Job service currently provides two methods that allow for an update on the timer due date in the current process.

  • "updateTimerDueDateByActivityId" - allows changing the date by passing it as "String", in the ISO 8601 format , as the first parameter along with the timer event id and the current execution of the process as second and third parameters respectively.

  • "addOffsetInMillisToTimerDueDateByActivityId" - used to add an offset to the current set due date by providing the amount to be added(in milliseconds) by passing a positive number, or subtracted with a negative number.

How to use

In this example a timer exists with the given id "timer-test"

Somewhere else in the process a sub-process exists with a service task where the job service is called in an expression with a negative number in order to move forward a job in time as show below

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