Valtimo backend libraries (9.20.0)

New Features

The following features were added:

  • Additional method for finding documents from within a process

    The search method in the JsonSchemaDocumentSearchService does not work when retrieving a document if no authorization is found. A new method, searchWithoutAuthorization is now available. For classes that implement the DocumentSearchService, this method has a default and only needs to be implemented if this use case is necessary.

  • Zaakobjecten can now be edited

    When creating a form that includes a propertyName with "zaakobject:objecttype:path/to/variable" it will now be prefilled when loading the form. When submitting the form the corresponding zaakobject is updated with the new values

    The uploading is handled by a new ExternalDataSubmittedEvent handler called ZaakObjectListener

  • KeyCloak

    KeyCloak libraries have been updated to 19.0.1. Older KeyCloak server versions are still supported.


No bugfixes.

Breaking changes

  • Added extra parameter to KeycloakService The KeycloakService constructor now requires an additional parameter called keycloakClientName.

Instructions on how to migrate to this version of Valtimo can be found here.


No new deprecations.

Known issues

This version has the following known issues:

  • Multiple existing form associations on process definition

    When multiple start forms are associated with a single process definition the user is unable to start a new case of that specific type.

  • Updating process variables from a submission Only process variables of type String and Array<String> are currently supported by the pv. prefix. Any other types will be set to a null value.

  • Form flow definition does not read nextStep property

    • Discovered in version 9.19.0

    • Instead of using nextStep, nextSteps can be used.

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