This page describes how to update Valtimo from the previous version to the current.

  • Case settings

    Scope: Back-end

    In order to support case settings, a new module was introduced. This is required for case settings to work, which front-end uses. Information on how to include this module can be found here.

  • Added extra parameter to DocumentSearchService

    Scope: backend

    Custom implementations of the DocumentSearchService now require userManagementService as a parameter in the super constructor. The userManagementService is a Spring bean and can be obtained in a similar fashion as all other constructor parameters. The constructor should look like this:

    public MyCustomDocumentSearchService(
        EntityManager entityManager,
        QueryDialectHelper queryDialectHelper,
        SearchFieldService searchFieldService,
        UserManagementService userManagementService
    ) {
        super(entityManager, queryDialectHelper, searchFieldService, userManagementService);

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