System processes

System processes are processes that are critical to the functioning of Valtimo itself. Since these processes should be handled with care, these processes are flagged as read-only by default. When a process is read-only, it is not possible to update the process or deploy it.

A process can be marked as a system process by setting a property called systemProcess to true on the model itself under the Extensions tab.

Make system process updatable

By default, system processes are marked as read-only. To override this, a property has to be set in the application.yml of the back-end implementation. The property is called valtimo.process.systemProcessUpdatable and this should have the value true. The default value of this property is false.

        systemProcessUpdatable: true

When a system process is updatable it is possible to make changes to the process and the Deploy button is available again. A message is shown to warn the user about changing a system process.

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