Valtimo backend libraries (9.17.0)

New Features

The following features were added:

  • Improved DocumentVariableDelegateImpl

    The findValueByJsonPointer method of the DocumentVariableDelegateImpl class now returns a collection of elements instead of throwing an exception when the node is an ArrayNode.

  • Postgres support

    Almost all modules within Valtimo now have support for Postgres databases. The exceptions are:

    • form-flow-valtimo

    Information on how to use Postgres can be found here.

  • Secret keys in plugins are encypted before storing

    Properties in plugins can now be marked as secret. When configuring the plugin the secrets will be encrypted before being stored.

    This functionality requires an application property valtimo.plugin.encryption-secret the value of this property will determine the encryption key. The encryption-secret has to be at least 16 characters long

    More information on plugin secrets can be found here.

  • Support for Keycloak resource roles

    In addition to the realm roles, Valtimo can now also include resource roles for a specified client. Add the client name to the configuration under the key valtimo.keycloak.client and its roles will be included.


The following bugs were fixed:

  • Changeset errors on Liquibase 4.8.0 and higher

    foreignKeyTableName is required for foreignKeyConstraintExists on Liquibase 4.8.0 and higher. Existing changesets did not implement this property.

Breaking changes

No known breaking changes.


No new deprecations.

Known issues

This version has the following known issues:

  • Multiple form associations on process definition

    When multiple start forms are associated with a single process definition, the user is unable to start a new case of that specific type.

  • Updating process variables from a submission Only process variables of type String and Array<String> are currently supported by the pv. prefix. Any other types will be set to a null value.

  • New required application property

    There is a new mandatory application property valtimo.plugin.encryption-secret. The encryption-secret has to be at least 16 characters long.

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