Valtimo backend libraries

New Features

The following features were added:

  • Dependency upgrades

    The following libraries were upgraded to new versions:

  • Support for MySQL 8

    Official support for MySQL 8 has been added. If your database server is running on MySQL 5.7, it is recommended to upgrade to MySQL 8. See here for instructions on how to upgrade a MySQL installation.


No bugfixes.

Breaking changes

The following breaking changes were introduced:

  • Java 17

    Valtimo is now compiled on Java 17 and needs to run in a Java 17 environment.

  • View configurator module

    The view configurator module that was used by the old AngularJS front-end has been removed.

  • Process data object relation

    Process data object relations were a way to link a stored object to a running process. When document definitions were introduced, this functionality was made obsolete. Process data object relations have now been removed.

  • REST API versioning

    Every REST endpoint exposed by Valtimo now contains a version, e.g. /api/document becomes /api/v1/document. This makes it easier to support multiple versions in the future in case of breaking changes in the REST API, without waiting for a new major version of Valtimo.

  • Removed deprecated code

    A number of deprecated methods and classes have been removed, and as a result some implementations need to make minor changes.

  • Removed JWT configuration properties

    The properties valtimo.jwt.base64encoding and valtimo.jwt.tokenValidityInSecondsForRememberMe have been removed as they were used in a module that is no longer supported.

Instructions on how to migrate to this version of Valtimo can be found here.


No new deprecations.

Known issues

No new known issues.

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