How to link a form to a task

There are two ways to connect a form to a task, with a preliminary step to ensure the form can be found. What this preliminary step is, depends on the type of form that should be linked to a task.

To create a form link for a start event or user task, the following steps are necessary:

  1. In the Admin menu, go to "Process links". This shows a select box, specifying which process and version are being configured, as well as a diagram for the current selection.

  2. Select the process and version that should be configured.

  3. Select a start event or user task.

  4. Select the type of form link and follow the specific instructions.

In order to connect a form or form flow to a task, the following steps are necessary:

  1. Create a form link .json file under the following path: */resources/config/formlink/. The name of the file needs to correspond to the process definition key.

  2. Create the form links. An example of what this looks like can be found below:

            "formName": "order.start",
            "formLinkElementId": "OrderStartEvent",
            "formAssociationType": "start-event"
            "formFlowName": "order.submit-request-task:latest",
            "formLinkElementId": "SubmitRequestTask",
            "formAssociationType": "user-task"
            "formName": "order.control-and-complete-request-task",
            "formLinkElementId": "ControlAndCompleteRequestTask",
            "formAssociationType": "user-task"

    More information on which properties need to be set can be found here.

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