Milestone instances
When a milestone set is triggered, a milestone instance will be created for each milestone that is part of the set. After creation, the milestone instance is independent from the milestone definition, meaning that a milestone instance is a copy of the definition. This way, if the definition changes, exisiting milestone instances are not affected.
Since a milestone instance is a copy of a milestone definition, each instance has the same fields as the definition that was used to create it.
Next to the fields that are copied over from the definition, a milestone instance additionally consists of:
  • The process instance ID
  • The reference date *
  • An "Is reached" boolean
  • An "Is reached in time" boolean
  • The expected date *
  • The reached date/time
*The reference date is set when the milestone instance is created. Based on the reference date and the interval that is defined in the milestone definition, the expected date is caluclated.
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