• Build a Portal React ‘Progressive Web App’ (Building an MVP React frontend on the existing Portal Backend for Frontend (BFF))
  • Ability to connect to other mailserver than Mandrill - EU based (for GDPR compliance)
  • Major-9-release with security updates
  • Make exports configurable by admins (eg. select only a subset of columns for export and configure sequence of columns)

Q1 2022

  • Role Based Access: Implement a low-code (=configuration friendly) way to setup roles, groups, and permissions.
  • UX/UI improvements

Q2 2022

  • major-10 planned for March 2022:
    • Security updates, eg. Form File upload will be phased out and replaced by Valtimo File upload
    • Auth0 will be phased out and Keycloak will be the only authentication
    • API versioning
    • Other database support (Postgres or MariaDB)
    • Remove @valtimo/contract library from the valtimo-frontend-libraries
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