Known issues

Module was compiled with an incompatible version of Kotlin.

How to resolve: Make sure the Kotlin plugins defined in your build.gradle match those used by Valtimo. The plugins match the following pattern: org.jetbrains.kotlin.* Also see the version compatibility matrix for more information.

Upload limit for documents

Within a dossier there is a tab called "Documents" this holds an upload container and an overview of all documents. Since version 9.4.0 this upload container is configurable for the maximum size of a document. (See the release notes on how to configure this).
After setting the upload limit high enough you could run into an Internal Server Error 500 error message when uploading a large file. When you check the server logs it will show an OutOfMemory Exception. The size limit will depend on your server configuration.
This is a known issue and we will work on a solution in the future

Summernote/Husky dependency issue FE libraries

Up to version 4.19.0, the library @valtimo/layout depended on summernote. Later versions of summernote attempt to run a postinstall script with husky, which leads to know issues:
Because of this, running npm install fails on some machine and and implementation can not be built.
To circumvent this issue, add the following to the package.json of your implementation to force an older version of summernote which does not include this postinstall script:
// package.json
"overrides": {
"summernote": "0.8.18"