6.1 How to connect a form to a user task
To connect a form to start a process or to a user task in a certain process you go to process connections in the admin menu (admin> basics>process connections). When you click on process connections you will see the screen below, showing a process diagram. You will also see on the top left a list with all available processes and all available versions of the process.
Select the process and version you want to edit. If you click on a user task in the process diagram a new screen pops up.
Here you can select how to connect the user task:
1. Form Definition: connect the user task to a Valtimo form. This is the most common way to connect a user task. You can select the available forms in the drop down menu.
2. Angular State: connect the user task to a custom Angular form in Valtimo. Type the URL of the Angular page that you want to use to connect.
3. External URL: connect the user task to an external webform. Type the URL of the webpage that you want to connect.
Press ‘Save’ and the form you selected is connected to the user task.
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