Form flow
This functionality is a work in progress (pre alpha state). Be careful using it because it is subject to change

What is Form flow

Form Flow is a feature that allows a low-code approach to link multiple forms together in a seamless manner, creating a form wizard.


The form flow definition (form flow JSON file) can be linked to a user task in the process, similar to how a form can be linked to a user task. The main difference between a form and a form flow is that the latter allows the user to fill in multiple forms within a single user task. Linking a form to a user task only allows the user to fill in a single form and then the user task will be completed and the process will continue.
The form flow definition file defines all the steps of the form flow, containing a step type (e.g. form), triggers (onOpen and onComplete) and the next step(s) in the flow. How to create a form flow definition is described here: Form flow definition
It is possible to create form flows where each step contains a single next step. That will result in a linear form flow (a step leads to only one other step). When multiple next steps are defined you can add conditions to each of these steps to determine. There is currently no way to determine which step to pick when multiple next steps are defined, as conditions are currently not evaluated.
Expressions can be added to onOpen and onComplete triggers, which can be used to enable actions when a form flow step is opened or when it is completed. You can for example automatically send an email using the mailService when a certain step is completed. For more information on the form flow expressions see here: Form flow expressions

Getting started

The dependency below is needed to start using form flow
dependencies {
implementation "com.ritense.valtimo:form-flow-valtimo:9.10.0.RELEASE"
After adding the dependency, one can start defining the Form flow definition:Form flow definition

Disabling form flow in your frontend implementation

If you do not want to make use of the form flow endpoints in your front-end implementation, add the following to your environment file. This feature toggle is available since Valtimo angular update 5.1.0
export const environment: ValtimoConfig = {
featureToggles: {
disableFormFlow: true,